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What Is A USDA Loan?

Do you need to buy a home or make repairs on an existing one but don’t have the means to do it?

A USDA loan in Fresno may be your answer.

This type of loan, offered by the United States Department of Agriculture, provides several advantages, such as no down payment needed, lower interest rates than regular loans, and reduced closing costs.

Plus, you can benefit from loan repayment periods up to 30 years and the peace of mind that comes from knowing the loan is insured by the federal government, meaning it is fully backed by the U.S. government’s faith and credit.

Types Of USDA Loans in Fresno, CA

Navigating the vast range of loan options available to consumers can be daunting, but understanding the advantages and drawbacks of each type can help ensure the right decision is made.

Mortgages are the most expensive due to their extensive time frame, yet they provide some of the lowest interest rates, plus they may be tax deductible.

Home equity loans are great for fast access to funds but come with higher interest rates and extra fees.

Car loans usually have lower interest rates, particularly for those with good credit ratings.

By taking the time to compare the various options available, consumers will have the knowledge needed to select the best-suited loan for them.

USDA Loan Eligibility Requirements

To get assistance based on income, you must meet certain qualifications.

This can be different depending on the kind of support you’re applying for. Most of the time, you’ll need to show proof of how much you make – this is generally based on the size of your family and how many people depend on you.

Additionally, anything you own may also be factored in when considering your eligibility.

Unfortunately, if your income doesn’t meet the standards, you won’t be able to get assistance.

How Do USDA Loans Compare To Conventional Loans?

Are you in the market for a new home?

USDA loans in Fresno could be an attractive option for you! With no down payment and low-interest rates, these loans offer a lot of unique benefits for those who don’t have the cash on hand to purchase a home or don’t qualify for FHA or conventional mortgages.

Although there are some limitations that prospective borrowers should be aware of, such as being limited to rural areas and small towns, having higher closing costs, and having more stringent paperwork, these drawbacks may not be deal breakers for those looking for a home in rural areas.

So if you fit the criteria, don’t overlook a USDA loan in Fresno, as it could be the answer you’ve been searching for.


How much of the US qualifies for USDA?

The population of the United States may be astounded to find out that nearly all land across the entire nation is able to take advantage of USDA loans in Fresno – as reported by the Housing Assistance Council, this covers 97% of the country and a remarkable 109 million citizens – roughly one-third of the total US population.

Will the USDA annual fee ever go away?

The USDA may charge lenders a late fee if the annual payment is not made on time.

Depending on whether it’s a purchase or refinance, the guarantee fee and/or annual fee could vary. Once you have achieved 80% loan-to-value (LTV), there will be no more annual fees to pay.

Does USDA require 2 years tax returns?

As a requirement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, lenders must obtain the last two years’ worth of returns for all applicants.

To remain eligible for consideration, applicants must have all their taxes current—even if they’ve been granted an IRS extension for the current tax year.

However, being delinquent on taxes owed as determined by the Internal Revenue Service can result in denial of the application.

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